Core 2 Interaction: Lab – Questionnaire

1. Describe your previous experiences with coding. What classes have you already taken where you were exposed to HTML/CSS/JS?

Last spring (2020) I took a web and screen class at the previous college I went to which was MCAD. I had a lot of fun, I liked what I did with my projects in that class. When I started Parsons last semester, I got more comfortable with HTML and CSS. Javascript was something I had a hard time understanding.

a. What parts of the class resonated with you?

In last semester's interaction class, what resonated with me was sketching in figma and translating that into code. It honestly makes it easier because you have an idea where it should go on a screen.

b. What parts were most confusing?

Javascript. It is the whole input output thing. It's like math and I am horrible at math so when you tell me I have to find my html code and then give it a function I am unsure of to begin with and than make it tap dance for brain gets all messy.

2. How excited about learning code are you? Are you nervous about learning code? If so, why? What can I do in this class to help reduce this anxiety?

What I am excited about is what projects we are making. What I am nervous about is when I get stuck. I don't like getting stuck because it stays in my mind until I can figure it out. You might say that is good but it is not when you dream about code and how you can fix it. I don't know how you can reduce my anxiety since I don't know how to reduce it...I have generealized anxiety disorder (don't feel sad about that. I'm cool, I'm not sad about it). I have to go to next question because I get personal when I write.

3. How do you imagine coding fitting in with the rest of your design curriculum and career after college?

I am not sure...I like coding but I am not sure where I want to be after this semester or career. I mean I want to be a creative director but I am unsure where my focus is in that with design. I know I liked motion design and weeb and screen at MCAD but now I am not sure since I transferred. I know it would be cool if I did work by making websites or so but I just don't know.

4. What text editor do you prefer to use?

I liked using atom. I used it last spring. I like it because it can help fix your code like how when you type something incorrectly and you get some words you might have ment. It does that with code. That beeing said I like glitch because I can see what I am making on the side

5. Have you used GitHub before? Do you know what it is? Describe your understanding of GitHub.

I used github last spring and last fall. My understanding is you use it to place your websites/files. It's like a free server to place your websites.

6. Describe the relationship between HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Try using a unique analogy to describe this relationship (you can’t use the house analogy 😉). Bonus points for creative analogies.

HTML is the writer, CSS is the designer, and Javascript is the engineer

7. Using each HTML heading tag, list your favorite foods ranked by importance (remember, there’s 6 levels of heading tags).

Macaroni and Cheese


Shrimp alfredo

Ox tails

Pork and Beans

8. Create an unordered list ( ul ) and link to some of your favorite graphic design or development related websites. Include a paragraph ( p ) on each site describing why it is important to you.

9. Insert an image of your choosing to the page. Make sure the image includes ALT text that describes the image. picture of a boston terrier peeking their head out

10. Insert a video embed into the page (for example, a YouTube or Vimeo embed tag of a video of your choosing).

11. Nest the following series of HTML tags inside each other, where each (arrow going right) represents a new level. Make sure to maintain proper indentation. a. (main - section - div - p - span)

Nest span

12. Create an ordered list of the top 5 countries you’d like to visit. Within each country, create another ordered list of the top cities you’d like to visit in that country. Maintain proper indentation and make sure you nest your ordered lists properly.

  • Japan
  • Spain
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • France
  • 13. Use pre tags to create a simple concrete poetry version of a Haiku or other poem you write. The poem should represent how you feel at this moment. * Hint: pre tags respect whitespace, you can add add lots of spaces and line breaks and they will show up like that when you view the web page.

      gets all
        if that is 
      the question

    14. Write an HTML comment that is hidden from the browser, but displays in the code.

    15. Create an unordered list of at least 6 musical artists you like to listen to. Add a class to each list item that matches the genre of music of that artist.

    16. Describe the difference between block, inline-block and inline elements.

    Block is when you add a line break after an element where is inline-block does not a line break and it margins and padding is involved. Inline elements is when you add the width and height

    17. Use CSS to style the musical genre classes you added in question 15. Give each genre a color and personality using CSS.

    18. Use any CSS knowledge you currently have to style your questionnaire in a unique way. Make sure to update the font to something other than the default (use the font-family css property).

    19. In your JavaScript file, use the console.log function to write a message to the console. Tell me something interesting about yourself.

    20. Add a button to your HTML file and make it do something when clicked using JavaScript.